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I didn't know how much I hated kittens until now. Anyways, super cool game. I suck at it, but the graphics, gameplay, design, and music are super cool one thing that should be added is a health station at the spawn

I really love the demo!!!!!


Had a lot of fun with the demo! Looking forward to seeing more!!


Super confused, but I still liked it. Only suggestion would be to put a healing space on the respawn point in the library. I couldn't figure out why I'd come back with zero health.


VERY resembles hyper light drifter. I would say too much.
But game is cool, I liked it!

Definitely in the HLD style. That ... was awesome.


Super wonderful game. I love the user interface especially those gradients. The artwork is in a class of its own. The electronic/synthwave type music has the most thrilling vibes. The colors are super vibrant, the game physics are simple and everything about his game is superb. This game reminded me of a time i played Ori and the Blind Forest. 

Wow, we are flattered, to be compared with the giants. Thank you!

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the game looks really good :)

Thanks :)

Awesome visuals, good controls... can't wait to see more, & figure out what's actually going on. :)


Thanks! And yeah, it is kinda hard to figure out what is going on in the Demo ;)